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edXとは、無料のオンライン教育サービス(MOOC: Massive Open Online Course)の1つであり、たくさんの主要な企業や大学が、大学レベルの多数の分野の授業を無償で提供しています。学生はもちろん、教育を必要としているどなたでも受講可能です。インターネット環境内でしたら場所を選ばないので、自宅で受講できるのも便利な点です。


  • Audit Track:聴講法の無料コース
  • Verified Track:インストラクターサポートや修了証などを含む有料コース



経済学に関連した講座を選ぶには、edX内の「Economics and Finance」コースを選択します。

  • 「Courses」をクリックするとコースの全カテゴリーが表示されます。
  • 「Economics and Finance」をクリックすると関連する講座が表示されます。


受講したい講座を開くと下記のように講座の情報が表示されます。(例としてHarvard Universityの講座の一つを表示)

  • 右上にある画像に再生マークがある場合はクリックすると簡単な講座内容が視聴できます。
  • 講座期間(この講座の場合)の目安は週3~5時間の受講で6週間になります。
  • 受講法の「Self-paced」とは、自分のペースで受講が可能となります。他に、インストラクターの指示で進む「Instructor-paced」の講座もあります。
  • 無料講座から有料オプション(インストラクターサポートや修了証などを含む)に変更ができます。
  • 申込みは左下の「Enroll」をクリックしてアカウントを作成し、受講へ進みます。



SDGacademy: Macroeconomics for a Sustainable Planet


  • GDP and well-being: How do we measure progress? Are those measures enough?
  • The changing labor market: digitization, unemployment trends,and the minimum wage
  • Sustainable investment principles
  • Theories of business investment and how these relate to consumption and saving
  • New economic principles which internalize social capital and environmental impact
DoaneX: Macroeconomics-The basics


  • Comprehend and use basic economic concepts including supply and demand.
  • Comprehend the variations in different economic systems.
  • Calculate and interpret major macroeconomic statistics including GDP, unemployment rates, inflation rates and poverty rates.
  • Analyze and evaluate the use of both monetary and fiscal policy to stabilize the economy, including taxing policies.
  • Explain examples of major macroeconomic challenges and current trends as well as future trends as consumers and companies.
UC3Mx: Fundamentals of Macroeconomics


  • The GDP, its meaning, measurement,and components
  • The main indicators of the labor market and the nature of unemployment
  • Savings, investment,and the financial system
  • The monetary and the banking system
  • Central banks, monetary policies,and inflation
  • International trade, capital flows,and exchange rates
  • Economic fluctuations
  • Fiscal and monetary policies
HarvardX: Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies


  • An awareness of the opportunities for entrepreneurship in fast-growing emerging markets
  • An understanding of a conceptual framework for evaluating such opportunities
  • An appreciation of the types of problems that lend themselves to entrepreneurial solutions
UQx: Principles of Microeconomics・Social Microeconomics


  • How and why price discrimination is used
  • Different price discriminations and peak load pricing
  • Game theory
  • Asymmetric Information and how to collect the perfect amount of economic information
  • Principal-Agent and Adverse Selection Problems
  • Moral Hazard Problem and the Costly to Fake Principle
DoaneX: Microeconomics & Business


  • Evaluate the implication of supply and demand and the effects of elasticity as it relates to various markets.
  • Interpret and graphically express cost curves to determine price point or profit of all types of markets.
  • Differentiate the characteristics of competitive, monopolistically competitive, oligopoly, and monopolistic market environments.
  • Illustrate fundamental economic principles by identifying economic problems and proposing available alternatives.
  • Interpret the market demand for labor and changes to the market demand for labor.
StanfordOnline: Principles of Economics


  • The Basic Core
  • The Competitive Equilibrium Model
  • Firms and Industries Changing Over Time
  • Deviations from Competition
  • Labor Markets
  • Key Economic Policy Issues
  • Financial and Capital Markets
  • Macro Facts and Measures
  • Long Run Macro and Short Run Macro
  • Macro Policy Issues
  • International Economic Issues




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